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Man defend mother, stabs father dead

by on Dec.28, 2010, under Breaking News, General, Places

A laborer who was in the middle of an argument with his wife died on Christmas Day after his drunken son stabbed him in a fit of rage. The victim was a laborer and resident of sitio Mendez in Baesa Quezon City. His attacker his 28 year old son escaped and was being sought by the police. The stabbing happened inside the victim’s home. Based on the investigation the victim and his wife were talking about their financial problems and mounting debts when the discussion turned into an argument. The victim then asked his wife for a detailed computation of their expenses which she could not provide. This made the victim angrier and he raised his voice at his wife which irked their son who had just come home. Their son who was drunk tried to intervene and talk some sense into his father but the victim also became angry at him. The two started arguing and his son in a drunken rage, pulled out a knife and stabbed his father. His son immediately ran out of their house while his mother shouted for help attracting the attention of their neighbors who helped rush the victim to the hospital for treatment, but declared dead on arrival by the attending physician.

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