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27 minors escape Bacolod detention center

by on Dec.27, 2010, under Places

At least 27 minors detained for offenses ranging from robbery and theft to drug use are now the subject of a search after they escaped from Bacolod City police’s Social Development Center. The escaped minors were between 13 and 17 years old. Four of the minors were facing robbery and theft cases. The rest were ruby users referring to the drug like addiction common among street children to sniffing chemical based contact cements such as rugby. A house parent said that one of the children had a duplicate key to the center’s main door which they used to escape. An investigation as to who is responsible for giving the duplicate key to the child is now being conducted.

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Man shot dead by lover’s husband

by on Nov.22, 2010, under Breaking News, Places

A 22 year old man killed after he was shot by the husband of his alleged lover at about 112:30 p.m at Plazamart, Araneta Street, Bacolod City. The police authorities identified the victim as living in the Barangay Inapoy, Mabinay Negros Oriental. The police said that the victim sustained gunshot wound in the left portion of his stomach and was rushed to the hospital at around 4:30 and it he was declared dead by his attending physician. The suspect also was arrested after the incident. The police recovered from the possession and control of the suspect a .45 caliber pistol with magazine, two live ammunitions and one empty shell. The case investigators said that the wife of the suspect was an alleged lover of the victim. The victim is a business agent while the suspect is a businessman at China Town Mall. According to the report the suspect and the victim agreed to meet at Plazamart Mall. When they faced-off, one of them took out a firearm. They grappled for the gun which fired and it hit the left portion of the victim’s stomach. It also added that the suspect claimed that the said firearm was owned by the victim, which also was contrary to the statement given by the victim before he died. The suspect is presently detained at the lock up cell of the police station for filling of charge against him.

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70 year old American found dead in Bacolod

by on Nov.20, 2010, under General, Places

A 70 year old American was found dead inside his apartment. The lifeless body was discovered inside the Sumugod Apartment in Taculing village, Bacolod. According to the report the owner of the apartment sought the police for help in opening the victim room after they smelled foul odor coming from it. When the police and the owner of the apartment opened the room, they saw the victim’s body lying on his back on the bed, with blood coming out of his ears, nose and mouth. The victim was last seen alive by a trisikad driver at about 4:00 p.m when he turned on the lights outside his room. The investigators said that they did not notice any signs of struggle inside the room of the victim and there were no visible wounds on his body. The autopsy showed that the victim died of a heart attack and there was no foul play on it. The victim has been renting the room for three years and was living there alone because his wife was working in Hong Kong.

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20 people downs in food poisoning

by on Nov.10, 2010, under Health, Places

Twenty faculty members and students were rushed to hospitals in the City of Bacolod in what the authorities suspect to be a case of food poisoning. The victims were from the University of St. La Salle (USLS). It said faculty members brought potluck dishes for lunch to mark the university’s foundation day, and the victims might have eaten spoiled food. It is also initially informed that a dozen were ill and were brought to the university’s clinic after launch. The victims were rushed to nearby hospitals when they continued to vomit and to experience loose bowel movement. Most of the affected were the faculty members from the College or Arts and Science. Some of those brought to the hospitals were from the commerce and business administration colleges. At least 12 patients were to other hospital and eight were brought to the Bacolod Doctor’s Hospital.

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