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November 29 a regular holiday

by on Nov.12, 2010, under Breaking News, Culture, General

The Malacañang has declared November 29 is a regular non-working holiday in commemoration of Bonifacio Day. According to the act, the celebration of the movable holidays will be moved to the nearest Monday. The Bonifacio Day originally falls on November 30. The Palace also declared November 16 a national holiday in celebration of the Eid’I Adha or the Islam feast of sacrifice. The Palace clarified the Tuesday’s holiday was not moved to Monday as religious holiday should not be moved to another day based on the Republic Act 9492.

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November 16 declares a national holiday

by on Nov.11, 2010, under Breaking News, Culture, General

The nation will observe one of Islam’s major feasts, the Eid”I Adha or the feast of sacrifice as declared by the president of the Philippine. the president declares November 16 a non-working national holiday in celebration of Eid”I Adha, which is the tenth day in the month of Hajj or Islamic Pilgrimage to Mecca, when Muslims pay homage to Abraham’s supreme act of sacrifice. The feast signifies mankind’s obedience to God. The other major Islamic feast is the Eid’I Fitr, which the first day is making the end of the 30 day fasting period of Ramadan. During the Eid”I Adha general assemblies are expected to be conducted in mosques for early morning prayers along with the ceremonial Jum’at prayers which are usually done on Fridays. This year the declaration states the National Commission on Muslim Filipino’s has confirmed that the feast falls on November 16 2010. The Eid’I Adha used to be a regional holiday in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.

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Dagupa City demolishing the illegal fishing structure

by on Oct.12, 2010, under Breaking News, Culture, General, Places, Science

The City Government of Dagupan has begun demolishing the illegal fishing structure. The mayor said they will begin into the near of the mouth of Pantal River. It is about 300 illegally built fish pens and other structure were still in place, and before they will do the demolition the fish pens are already know because they inform and warning it in last August, so that they have time to harvest their stocks . They will do it early to prevent the river so that it will not be gone or die if the years will go by. It is also the other ways for cleaning the river.

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